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With both an in-office and at home option for tooth bleaching and whitening, Hanover Park Dental Clinic has made it easy for you to get the whiter and brighter teeth that you’ve been wanting. Regardless of which method you choose, you will be getting your teeth whitened safely and effectively and will be seeing impressive results quickly. Our Hanover Park cosmetic dentist is pleased to offer this valuable service.

Teeth Whitening Treatments Hanover Park
Teeth Whitening Treatments Hanover Park

The benefits of coming in for in-office tooth whitening sessions is that you get a more concentrated, professional-strength solution that will make a huge difference after just your first appointment. Depending on your goals and the current shade of your teeth, you may find that just one session will be enough. Our Hanover Park cosmetic dentist¬†will let you know how many treatments you will probably need. But for those of you who would prefer the convenience of doing your treatments at home, we make that available to accommodate the busy schedules of our valued patients. So what’s the difference from our in-office whitening? It’s a less concentrated solution, but will still yield the results you’re looking for. We will make sure that you are fully prepared to use this simple method before you leave our office.

With the possible exception of tooth discoloration caused by medication like tetracycline, nearly everyone can benefit from tooth bleaching and whitening, even if your teeth have become yellowed or brown. Not surprisingly, smoking is a major culprit in causing tooth staining. So are red wine, coffee, tea, soy sauce, and other foods and beverages. Even without these habits, your teeth lose whiteness as a natural part of aging. Tooth enamel wears away over time and that reveals the duller tissue beneath. When it comes to tooth bleaching, though, none of that will prevent you from seeing improvement. Most patients can get 5 to 7 shades brighter and the luckiest ones sometimes get as much as 12 shades. Our Hanover Park cosmetic dentist will discuss with you what is realistic depending on your unique circumstances. What matters most is that you can get started right away. Just call us to schedule an appointment.

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