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Hanover Park invisalign

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Invisible braces in Hanover Park

Hanover Park invisalign
Hanover Park invisalign

Your teeth are in need of orthodontic work, but you simply cannot bring yourself to accept the idea of wearing braces. What to do, what to do. At Hanover Park Dental Clinic, we have the answer and it’s called Invisalign. Get your teeth straighter without the mess of metal wires and brackets that you associate with traditional braces. Our Hanover Park Invisalign is virtually undetectable to the eye, much more comfortable to wear, and offers you an effective and safe way to move your teeth into a more ideal position. We think you’ll be just as excited about wearing it as we are to offer it.

Invisalign is technically not braces, but rather a a system of clear, plastic aligners. This means that you won’t have to feel self-conscious about wearing your aligner, since unless someone is right up close, they won’t be able to tell you’re wearing anything at all. Using advanced 3-D computer technology, ourĀ Hanover Park Invisalign moves your teeth slows and steadily. Over the course of your treatment, you will wear between 12 and 48 aligners, each one calibrated and made to fit with precision, serving its important and unique role in the process. You wear one for about two weeks before moving onto the next in the series.

You wear your aligner all day, every day, even overnight while you sleep, except for when you eat, brush, and floss. This gives you two important benefits. First, you need not adhere to any dietary restrictions and you won’t have to worry about getting anything stuck in your aligner the way you would have to with metal braces. Second, your brushing and flossing will be normal and our Hanover Park Invisalign won’t hinder your oral hygiene at all.

Having invisible braces is a big cosmetic advantage, but it also gives you the edge in comfort. Metal braces can dig into your gums and often take a while to get used to, but our Hanover Park Invisalign, made of flexible plastic, will not cause you such problems. To find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, call us right away and schedule a consultation.

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