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Importance of dental exams in Roselle

Roselle dentist
Roselle dentist

A twice-yearly visit to our Roselle dentist is the foundation of good and long-lasting dental well-being. Here at Hanover Park Dental Clinic, we’re committed to prevention above all else. The simplest treatment is never as good as not needing the treatment to being with. And the importance of twice-yearly dental exams cannot be overstated. And it’s about more than just cavity detection. You will receive a periodontal checkup; an analysis of your occlusion (bite); a thorough examination of your teeth, fillings, and restorations; and a screening for oral cancer.

Plaque is the primary reason for both tooth decay and gum disease. It’s a film-like substance, and it erodes tooth enamel as well as irritating, inflaming, and infecting the gums. Most of the plaque that forms in your mouth is removed when you brush after meals and floss thoroughly each day. But it’s sneaky and stubborn, hiding out of reach, such as in gum pockets. It then hardens into tartar. At that point, it can no longer be eliminated with simple oral hygiene at home. It requires a professional teeth cleaning by our Roselle dentist.

When you come in for your dental exam, a physical and visual inspection of your teeth will be paired with x-rays in order to find even small cavities. It is vital to get a cavity treated with a filling by our Roselle dentist before it has time to grow larger and make you more prone to an infection in your tooth’s pulp. That typically means pain, and very likely root canal therapy. You might even lose the tooth entirely if cavities are not addressed in a timely manner. But until the plaque and tartar are removed entirely, you will still be susceptible to more cavities. A cleaning eradicates the plaque, tartar, and bacteria. In addition, if any signs of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, are detected during your exam, a cleaning will reverse it.

As with any type of cancer, those of the oral cavity are closely linked to the best outcomes with early detection. Our Roselle dentist will do a screening, and if any indications of cancer are present, you will be immediately referred to a specialist for the appropriate follow-up. Now you know just how important a dental exam can be. If it’s been at least six months since you’ve had one, call us today to schedule yours.

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