Emergency dentist in Roselle

Emergency Dentist in Roselle

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Fix broken tooth in Roselle

Emergency dentist in Roselle
Emergency dentist in Roselle

When you have a severe toothache or a broken tooth, you need our emergency dentist in Roselle. Here at Hanover Park Dental Clinic, we are dedicated to helping you, our valued patient, when you need us the most. In cases of extremely bad toothaches or broken teeth, or instances where you have both, there are typically two ways that the problem can be effectively addressed. Either root canal therapy has to performed, or the tooth needs to be extracted. In either situation, one thing is for certain: you cannot just sit there and wait in pain, or in expectation of impending pain, for an appointment to open up. We make every reasonable attempt to have you seen as quickly as possible.

A painful tooth could be something as simple as a cavity or a filling that has fallen out, but the more intense the pain, the more likely it is related to an infection. Such infections come about from bacteria making their way deep inside your tooth, into the pulp chamber. How does this happen? There are several common ways. It could be due to a large cavity or a deep filling; or a chipped or broken tooth. Regardless of how the infection started, the most vital thing is to deal with the effects of it as quickly as possible. Our emergency dentist in Roselle will look at the tooth and the surrounding area, and probably take x-rays. If the tooth is savable, you will need to undergo root canal therapy. But don’t worry. With modern techniques and equipment, the process itself is neither scary nor painful. If the tooth cannot be saved, then our dentist will extract it. While this leaves an empty space where you used to have a tooth, it may be the only solution. Fortunately, full-tooth restorations are available to give you back your full smile.

With a broken tooth, the preferred treatment will be to make a crown to put over the tooth. This will strengthen it, and also protect it to assist in preventing a bacterial infection from reaching the pulp. As is the case with toothaches, there are some broken teeth that are beyond repair, and such teeth will have to be removed. With local anesthesia, you will be comfortable as our emergency dentist in Roselle takes out the broken tooth.

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