60133 Teeth Whitening

60133 Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening in 60133

60133 Teeth Whitening
60133 Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration is a very common problem that just about everyone will have to deal with at come point. Teeth can become stained and discolored for many reasons such as the normal aging process, genetics, consuming coffee, tea, and taking certain medications. Luckily, the problem be resolved through a professional 60133 teeth whitening procedure done at your local dental office.

Getting a professional 60133 teeth whitening procedure done by a professional dentist like ours at Hanover Park Dental Clinic is safe and effective way to whiten your smile. The procedure can remove the stains from your teeth that are caused by various factors such as age and what you eat and drink. There are some requirements you’ll need to meet to be a candidate for a teeth whitening procedure.  You need to have good oral health; your teeth have to be in good condition. If you have any cavities, they’ll need to be filled before the procedure can be performed. Your dentist won’t be able to do the teeth-whitening procedure if the enamel on your teeth is worn or if you have gum disease. If you are a candidate, first, you’ll need to get your teeth professionally cleaned by your hygienist. Once all of the plaque has been removed from your teeth, the dentist will match your current tooth shade with one from the shade reference guide to determine the starting shade as well as the desired shade (end result). He’ll then cover your tongue with rubber guards to protect it. Next, your gums and papilla (the tips of the gums between your teeth) will be protected against the risk of chemical burns when the bleaching agent is used. This will be done by covering them with a special coating. Next, he’ll apply the bleaching agent to your teeth which will remain on them for about a half-hour. Finally, the bleaching agent will be washed away, and the protective coating will be removed from the gums with a dental pick.
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